peeps™ by CarbonKlean – Keep Glasses Crystal Clear with Carbon Technology!

Keep Glasses Crystal Clear with Carbon Technology!

Peeps™ are a revolutionary new way to get spotless lenses.

  • Super cleans your glasses over 500 times
  • No messy sprays or dirty cloths
  • Trusted by 12,500 Optometrists worldwide

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Peeps™ Will Never Scratch or Damage Your Lenses!

Peeps™ revolutionary and patented invisible carbon formula safely and easily cleans your glasses, leaving your lenses as clean as the day you got them.

  • Scratch-resistant brush removes dust & abrasive particles
  • Soft carbon microfiber pads eliminate oil and fingerprints instead of smearing like cloths and sprays
  • Used by the U.S. Military and used in space by NASA

Over 1.5 Million Customers Trust Peeps™!

Works with all types of glasses!

My patients love them, my staff love them, and I love them. It’s a complete win-win for everyone. I’ve had them for over a year in my office and use mine daily. Don’t be a skeptic, it’s simply amazing.

~ Dr. Hunt, OD

Not Just Clean – CarbonKlean!

500 Cleanings

Cleans every nook and cranny over 500 times – lenses are always crystal clear.

Travel Friendly

Compact, pocket-sized design is lightweight and perfect for travel.

NASA Approved

Peeps™ carbon technology works so well it’s used on the Space Station!

Weather Safe

Not affected by heat, cold or humidity – leaves lenses spotless every time.

Variety of Colors

Choose the perfect color for yourself, family, and friends.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Unlike disposable chemical-filled wipes, carbon technology is all-natural.

Thoroughly & Safely Clean Your Glasses!

Brush Them
Use brush to gently remove any
dust or abrasive particles.

Wipe Them
Place the lens in between the tong head;
wipe the cleaning pads across the lens.

See Clearly
You’ll be amazed at the crystal
clear world you’ve been missing!

Here’s Why Customers Love Their Peeps…

Melissa Gorga,
The Real Housewives of New Jersey

“This is an amazing product!”

I hate getting fingerprints on my aviators! This miracle cleaner not only cleans my glasses, IPhone, and IPad but is so cute too! Get ready for a great surprise!!

“I was skeptical at first but wow!”

These really really work. Other cleaners always seemed to leave a hint of film on my glasses, but these leave no traces. Just crystal clean lenses. I plan to buy more so I can keep them where I need them (truck, work, golf bag,etc.)



“Buying several more…totally worth it.”

This product is great. I am super sensitive to dirty glasses and find myself cleaning them more than once a day — until I got this. Now they are always clean. I am buying several more so that I can keep one at my office, one in my luggage, and some for gifts. Totally worth it. You will have the cleanest glasses.

Get the Ultimate Eyeglass Cleaner Today!

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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

How does Peeps™ clean?

2-Step Cleaning Process:

Step 1 – Use the brush to gently brush away any dust or particulate that may be on the lens, which could otherwise damage your lens when cleaned.

Step 2 – Once the lens surface is free of dust and debris, retract the brush and pull the cleaning tongs free of the case/recharging station. Using the tongs, place the lens in between, gently squeeze and rub the carbon cleaning pads across the lens until cleaned.

Replace the tongs and its ready to clean again.

Molecular Technology – What is that?

Molecular Carbon based technology to be exact. Imagine cleaning particles in the smallest possible form, molecules. These specially developed molecules are impregnated into the cleaning pads on Peeps™ and automatically recharge themselves after every use. It’s simply done through the pads being reinserted in the recharging station or case (the other half of the Peeps™). Each Peeps™ unit will clean 500+ times.

Is Peeps™ safe for all lenses?

Our technology is the safest, most tested and effective cleaning technology for a lens or screen surface on the planet, period! But don’t take our word for it, take that of NASA, the U.S. Military, HOYA, Essilor, Canon, Ricoh, Nikon, Kodak and many, many other companies and even governments throughout the world. The majority of these companies solely use our products now for cleaning lenses and screens. In fact, our technology is so good it is the ONLY cleaning product in space, used on the International Space Station to clean both their camera lenses, touch pads and screens.

Is Peeps™ safe for A/R coatings?

In testing done by our company in a “real world” environment (dust, debris, particulate) compared to microfiber cloths, individual wet wipes and sprays, Peeps™ were the ONLY cleaner that both cleaned the lens effectively, safely and didn’t damage the lens or the lens coating.

Can I use Peeps™ to clean things other than lenses?

This is not recommended, Peeps™ will work on any high quality, hard plastic or glass lens.

How long does 1 Peeps™ last?

Each Peeps™ unit will clean 500+ times.